Using One-Way SMS Alerts? You're Leaving Money On The Table

Posted by Hillary Black on May 20 2020

SMS is a great channel to nurture leads, but are you leaving the real benefits on the table by using one-way text notifications and alerts?

The REAL Reason Your Texts Aren't Converting (and How to Fix It)

Posted by Hillary Black on May 14 2020

SMS is a great channel to nurture leads, but are you leaving the real benefits on the table by using old school methods and one-way text notifications?

Mav "Driving Intent" Skill 🚗 Now Live

Posted by Matthew Black on May 8 2020

Yesterday, we had a user text Mav that they were driving. Obviously, we don’t want people to text and drive. So we designed, trained and launched Mav’s “Driving Intent” skill. It's live in production today.

Scaling Mortgage Acquisition? Automated Texting is Your New Secret Weapon to Convert

Posted by Hillary Black on May 7 2020

Are you a high performance mortgage marketer looking for new, innovative strategies to fill your funnel, but wish your lead to contact rate was better?

How to Use Automated Texting to Bring Cold Leads Back to Life

Posted by Hillary Black on April 13 2020

Did you know 80% of sales require FIVE follow-ups after the initial contact, yet 44% of sales reps give up after only one attempt? Automated texting can put your follow ups on autopilot and help you convert more cold leads faster.

What is Robotic Process Automation and How Can it Help With Sales?

Posted by Hillary Black on February 4 2020

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to take manual, repetitive sales tasks off your plate can give you more than just extra time in your day. Let's explore how pairing internal RPA with automated texting can help sales teams fill their pipeline with qualified leads, nurture prospects and convert more leads.

20 Reasons Why You Need Automated Texting in 2020

Posted by Hillary Black on February 4 2020

Automating repetitive tasks in your daily workflow allows you to focus more on the things people actually enjoy doing - like creating partnerships, closing deals, servicing your customers and exploring new ways to grow. Using automated texting to complete those sales and marketing tasks opens up all new possibilities that will give you a competitive edge.

Should Your Business Use Automation? An Easy Way To Decide

Posted by Matthew Black on January 17 2020

At Mav, we talk a lot about what are good use cases for bots and automation. I used to think it was as simple as answering this question: Can a robot do this job better than a human? 🤔

Except, it’s not that simple… Robots should serve and enable humans. Yet, us as an industry often ignore the question, “what if the human enjoys doing this job?”

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to SMS

Posted by Hillary Black on December 19 2019

Automated texting is one of the best new ways to grow your business. It's simple, SMS converts better. In fact, text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and Facebook.

Why Your Business Needs An Automated Texting Robot

Posted by Hillary Black on December 13 2019

Automated texting is the future. Not the spammy link blasts you may be familiar with, coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond and World Market, hair salon appointment confirmations and prescription refills, and let’s not forget Joe Biden’s bot-turned meme website (and the many other political campaign donation texts). Automated two-way texting is future. In this post, you’ll learn exactly why automated texting is valuable asset to your marketing strategy, and how to acquire, qualify and follow up with customers over text.