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Want to acquire more leads, decrease your response time and convert mortgage clients faster? Add automation to your sales process! We've just released an ebook detailing exactly how lead acquisition bots can supercharge your growth, all of the advantages of text-enabling your business, easy ways to advertise and drive traffic to your bot (by using the channels you're already on!), and proven strategies to qualify and nurture leads specifically for mortgage lenders and loan officers. This complete guide has everything you need to start automating your mortgage lead qualification and follow ups using SMS and Facebook bots. 

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Here is an outline of everything you can expect to learn in this 23-page ebook:

Part 1: Introduction to Bots

What is a bot? Why can it help your business? In this section we cover key definitions, exactly why you should use one for your lead qualifying and follow ups, and how to determine if a bot is right for you. 

Part 2: Strategy for Lead Acquisition

Learn exactly how customer acquisition and lead qualifying works with a bot. From setting the goal for your user experience to getting your leads pre-qualified. We'll also share why text-enabling your business unlocks incredible value to your marketing strategy.

Part 3: How to Advertise "Bot-First"

See all of the ways you can drive traffic to your bot, with traditional media, social ads and even organic acquisition. Learn how to add your bot to all of the channels you already use and activate leads in new ways.

Part 4: Advertising Examples for SMS and Facebook

Real world examples for SMS and Facebook advertising with proven best practices and case studies.

Part 5: Getting Started

How to start qualifying leads quickly and all of the benefits that Mav brings to your business. You'll also learn how Mav can introduce you to exclusive, text-ready leads through our Mortgage Lead Network and get a free trial offer.

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Posted by Hillary Black on December 3 2019
Hillary Black

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