Why SMS bots are better than website chatbots

At Mav, we believe automated texting and SMS bots are the future. It makes sense, since we know that text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and Facebook, and that the average person reads a text within 90 seconds. Text-enabling your business will put you ahead of your competition. Additionally, as a marketing channel, SMS is superior to websites and Facebook.


Why do we think SMS bots are better than website chatbots?

SMS is a persistent marketing channel. This is the key reason why we think SMS bots are better than website bots, those little pop ups you keep seeing in the bottom right corner (we have one too, but ours connects you with a human). Here's what persistent vs non persistent means...

Think of properties that you “own” (your website) vs ones you don’t (your Facebook page). SMS is a property that you own — your phone number. Unlike a website, SMS is a persistent channel. Non-persistent means when a lead leaves your website, even if they interacted with your website bot, they are gone, and you cannot engage them again. With persistent channels, a lead texts you, and they become a user that you can re-engage strategically at a later time. This makes SMS a double win: an owned property that’s also persistent.

Another great thing about SMS is that everyone uses it. All carriers, all phones. Even non-smartphone users can text, so the reach is incredible. Don’t forget about those incredible open rates I mentioned earlier, which are far greater than email or organic social media posts.

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Automated texting helps you activate and convert leads on all of the channels you already use, except instead of picking up the phone or visiting your website, you have an automated, two-way text conversation with leads. Think of this as marketing “bot first.” This means you advertise texting with your value upfront (like text me to get pre-qualified fast). Then, your texting robot interacts with your lead, and when they are qualified, the bot should hand the conversation over to you.

This opens up you up to a vast amount of organic marketing opportunities, something that a website bot cannot deliver. By adding your text-enabled phone number to your Instagram bio, business cards, direct mailers, social media posts and any other platform, you empower your potential customers to text you at their convenience, and get qualified for your service fast. Taking the lead qualification and follow ups off of your plate will give you more time to spend with qualified leads, and grow your business in new ways.

Here’s a look at how your Instagram bio may look on the left, and how it can look when you text-enable your business. If you use Mav, we even make it possible to use your existing toll free or local business phone number to text with leads 24/7.

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 11.08.29 AM

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Posted by Hillary Black on December 5 2019
Hillary Black

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